About Us


Many people ask "Why essential infant?"  

Essential Infant was created during one of the most exciting times of our lives.  As we anxiously awaited the new additional to our family, we searched many retail stores to find the perfect, yet unique items for our little one.  When we found it hard to find variety in store, we turned to the internet.  We found many sites that catered to new parents, but it was a little harder to find those unique, yet essential items we were looking for.

That is how Essential Infant was born.  Here we strive to provide quality and unique items that parents will love.  Even if you are shopping for a family member or even a work acquaintance, essential infant wants to help you make the expecting parents smile.  Having a new child is exciting whether it is your first or your sixth and we enjoy being able to share a little bit of this experience with everyone who visits our site.  So take your time and browse our store to see what Essential Infant has to offer you!